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Consumer Metallic Product Design

Special Production Machine Designs

Lay down Production Process for All metallic parts

Lay down Process for All metallic parts strengthening

  • Each product we use has significant application and ergonomic Look and feel. We design all product keeping this in mind
  • Each feature of product has significant impact from manufacturing point of view and material used point of view , we ensure our design and services are well taking of care of
  • - Selection of Feature
    - Material
    - Treatment
    - Assembly technique , caring distortion etc.
    - Most is cost competitiveness and timely availability
  • The process we apply is cohesive for proto type manufacturing or short run purpose to support to have market feedback
  • Our product designs are well drafted with all GD and T and process notes.
  • First time Right design and Process Brings over all product development Cost as planned and expected
A product developed Kitchen Waste Composting Machine, Idea, Engineering, Design for Manufacture

The development starts with customer demand to solve problem with product. We carry out complete back end and front end engineering to design the product. Consider all manufacturing aspect for production, assembly and servicing And keeping overall product cost affordable to the buyer

Use of standards component available for mechanical as well electrical and electronic component are considered all the time

Product Summary

Organic Kitchen Waste composting machine with attached shredding machine. Works on electrical AC 440 Volt Complete odor less process

  • This produces compost Manure from 75 to 80 Kg waste from Indian Kitchen
  • The waste initially sorted for metallic or glass and plastic contains
  • It is normally semi wet condition
  • Processed through shredding machine to cut in to 1/2 inch size pieces at the beginning
  • Waste is manually fed in to hopper for shredding
  • Cycle starts and stopped intermittently 4 to 5 time and cycle for 15 min.
  • Automatic on off is programmed, while loading it is stopped
  • Compost comes out every cycle, need further drying for 24 hrs before storage
  • Can be installed in societies under roof or in canopy
  • It normally do not produce noise
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A Electro mechanical product developed to bend steel round tubes, which contains 10 bends

A highly Engineered, Ergonomic user friendly flexible safe for use tube bender. Complete electronically controlled, with min serviceable parts, Value for investment made

Product Summary

Multiple plane multiple bend Electromechanical tube bending machine. 2 axis for bend angle control and 3rd axis for plane controlled

Overall precision half degree and 1mm between bend, Plane controlled half degree.

Works on 3 HP motor gear box

Operation setting panel available

  • Tube loading manual
  • Tube clamping de clamping manual
  • Indexing of tube with pre set template is manual
  • Angle of bend is preset with proxy
  • Angle of bend and bend sequence is synchronized with program
  • Maximum 100 tube bending programs can be stored
  • Tower lamp available for machine operation
  • No of bend tube counter available
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