Tool, Fixture and Gauges Designs

Design for Conventional Sheet Metal stamping forming tools

Design for Progressive Sheet Metal Stamping forming tools

Design for Welding and Assembly process Fixtures

Designing Gauges for All Engineering parts

  • Accurate Design of production system and tooling brings early product realization without any hindrance to start. Tools and Dies for sheet metal components can only be product first time right with Good tool design, well drafted to manufacturing and assembly process. Use of process simulation bring sheet metal stamp formed first time right, Progressive dies are made like this
  • Assembly and welding fixture designs are made with help of correct, productive and quality producing tools use of standard parts used in design brings design as well manufacturing faster we always carry out Customer approval process (DAP), at the beginning, in mid of design and final ready to manufacture stages
  • Use of design Checklist and Checklist for manufacturing brings error proof design. All necessary safety, Ergonomic, machine suitability, automation enable is well taken care of during the entire design process. provision of maintenance manuals, sparepart manufacturing drawings are the deliverable with tooling.
  • Post servicing consultation is provided appropriately. Tooling data is stored in accordance with customer, however we store one year by default Data disclosure is ensured for no profilage.

Stamping, forming, tools and Brazing, Tig, welding Mig welding Spot welding fixtures from Part print to Production

Cost effective, Durable, Less maintenance, User friendly, Quality out put First time right and every time right, Shortest delivery time.

Product Summary

  • Stamping, Forming tools of various types for various material specification and accuracies
  • Mechanical Assembly fixture / special fixtures
  • Fusion Assembly fixture Stick welding, MIG, TIG and Spot welding application
  • Defect free stamping parts
  • Distortion free welded assemblies
  • Fully manual, Fully automatic option are available
  • Error proof Designs
  • Use of Market standard parts for quick built and ease of maintenance
  • Tools fixture are design for manufacture and servicing
  • All safety aspect, for human, machine and environment are considered

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