VAVE and Concurrent Engineering

Design Process optimization or new process innovation

Design Tooling optimization for productivity

De-Skilling of operations with Low Cost Automation

  • When product design is complete, tooling and equipment are in place and producing a product.
  • VAVE is the need of Hrs. when to bring new technology, New volumes, Specification Changes, and Cost reduction is in demand to compete.
  • We participate all time with customers at any stage of VAVE activity.
  • We participate in your New Product development or launching process to support you for process, Manufacturing feasibility, Cost optimization and over all project management in accordance with customer needs.
  • This brings Acceptance and support at all levels of new product development or launching.

Individual Child Parts and their assemblies are analyzed for optimum utilization of resources and manufacturability

Cost effective, optimal, durable processes designed, cost and time reduced for production of existing assemblies

Product Summary

  • Sheet metal drawn, formed parts
  • Cycle time optimization for assembly processes
  • Reduction of operations involved
  • Part count optimization in assembly
  • Raw material specification and properties optimization
  • Utilization of input material
  • Scrap reutilization
  • Ensuring product reliabilities through special process monitoring
  • Enhancement of finishing appearance
  • Optimization of tooling cost
  • Use of progressive dies
  • Deskilling of operations
  • Product and process cohesiveness consideration
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